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President Straw Man: Why Trump doesn't like the Media

Predictions don't always work. . .

First. I don't believe President Donald Trump expected to get the job. The Media thought he didn't stand a chance. He campaigned on being an outsider. I believe that's exactly why he won this election. People are VERY tired of Same-0 Same-0. I also believe people who wanted Bernie Sanders gave their vote to the Green Party or stayed home.

HR Clinton was not really an option that The People wanted. No one wanted Bill back in the White House. No one really wanted to look at him and certainly not hear his "holier-than-thou" lectures and feel the slowness of the machine that grinds the man down.

"America" wasn't given real choices. Bernie Sanders was the only legitimate candidate for The People. He was betrayed and sent packing by the entrenched, corrupt Dems who plotted against his candidacy. Let's not name names because we all know who the person was, she betrayed her country for her friend and mistress. It's outrageous to think that in front of everyone she went and sat in HRC's camp while Sander's camp seethed and were continually ignored. Shameful.

Second, I tell myself. Realize the President can't usually do a whole lot without Congress. Remember how slow everything goes in Congress. Realize that only insiders can usually get anything done with any speed. Trump being an outsider will probably handicap him. The Media makes sure that there will be problems.Okay. Remember, you do have a Senator and a Representative. Call them often. Make your opinions known. Visit their Facebook page. Use Twitter if you do that. Speak your thoughts. Make suggestions if you know what should be done. It's the primary way to seek change. Talking to friends and family is a good move.

HR Clinton didn't do much to endear herself to Sanders' supporters. What happened to the issues that matter to The People? Real health care and education for the People for starters. Her rhetoric at the end had become all about war and her plans made it obvious how we would continue to siphon away our richness. It became all about personality and people saw her as shrill and defensive. Hilary was so strident as to sound like we would be bound for a World War III and no one, yes, NO ONE wanted to hear all that again or look at old Uncle Bill again. Everyone has had enough of him.

Perhaps it really is about who we wanted to look at for the next four years. Americans do like their stars pretty and their heroes handsome. Trump's wife is certainly a better feast for the eyes than either Clinton. Or perhaps could it be that, those who wanted Bernie Sanders stayed home altogether and didn't vote at all? Who really knows? I have a theory. And, it explains why Trump hates the Media so much. To me, it's obvious that he feels betrayed and hung out to dry.

I know for a fact that after 60, we like more naps... Imagine... You take a nap, and upon waking you find that life has become a nightmare.

My theory... Well, Trump was the straw man: the man who would just be the competition. HRC had given it up for Obama last time with the promise from the Demo Party that she would have everyone's full support when the time came around again. Well, sometimes it's just too late. Sometimes, you've revealed too much about your under side. People didn't like the Secretary of Defense dealings with some of the former heads of state in the Middle East. It was disgusting and distasteful and we didn't want more of the same.

For those who want to know how I feel. I just wrote it. My opinion: Obama was not a Saint and Hillary is not an Angel, so for those of you who want to paint them so, study up on your history because it just ain't that way. We had the election stolen from US, but it wasn't from Russia. It was stolen by the Media who lied to US while ignoring the real issues and our preferred candidate, Bernie... Then there was the Democratic Party who played dirty dealings with the nomination process. I don't know what they told Bernie to make him sign over to HRC his loyalty, but it wasn't good and I'm feeling betrayed at home, not from the foreign government of Russia.

Everyone, Let's get back to reality. We need our healthcare system straightened out and fully funded. Then, we can get on to other business.

It's my take:
Bridget E Smith, 2017
Portland, Oregon

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