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6 August, ~ Hiroshima Day. We Present: A Plea for Peace & Friendship every where, especially the East & West. Humans on this unique Planet Earth should be able to work together to make our home a better world. Our publication was a creative effort between me and my colleague friend, Chigusa Ohtsuka:


1995 ~ We personally distributed about 200 copies in green 8.5" x 11" (letter) size paper, at the Japanese Memorial Park in downtown Portland, Oregon along the northern edge of Waterfront Park on the occasion of the Hiroshima & Nakasaki rememberence held by local peace promoters (WILPF & Oregon PSR for examples) to commemorate the the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki a couple of days later in 1945.
Chigusa and I represent the East & the West.
Chigusa Ohtsuka and editor, Bridget E. Smith, circa 1995 share a Flaming Spanish Coffee at Huber's Cafe.
Photo by Huber's Anthony Huey.

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