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For the Children's sake....

We hear it all the time... on the news, in our conversations, lots of times we hear it... especially at Christmas time.... It's always, "for the children's sake" . . .

BUT What IF. . .

You're born into poverty... and, You don't get help as a child, especially here in the USA...

What then?

What we have are "Throw-away adults..." No pity or sympathy remains for them. We have become "Incarceration Nation" by ending our help somewhere between childhood and adulthood.

Where are the cracks that these people fall into? Why did we allow Pres. Bill Clinton to end food stamp help for people on the basis of a "5 year lifetime" limit? Why do we allow necessary things, like water and electricity to be traded on the stock exchange like it's okay to be gambling with our lives? Why aren't these essentials part of the great bounty that this country claims it has for its People. "

What is wrong with our society that we lose our sympathy and our love for our neighbors because they have fallen on hard times? Or, worse yet, hard times is ALL THEY'VE EVER KNOWN...

So, now, do we really want to hold them to the same standards as those people who have NEVER KNOWN a hungry day in their life. MANY People have never known a day without worry, for some every day is hunger.

Where is this ship sailing to in these waters of desperation and little hope? If those who have so much would act like the Christians that they profess to be.... Share with the poor. Isn't that the teachings? Why look with distain upon those whose only sin is to be born into poverty.

Ponder that a moment, or two...
Think about what you can do...

Call your Congress reps... or better yet, do something wonderful in your own life for that less fortunate friend or relative of yours. If we don't save our young adults, the next generation of children will feel the brunt of those who have never known a day without worry, perhaps every day was hunger.

Then, would it be any wonder that they would turn out to be desperate and on the wrong end of the law.

Ponderings, Midnight, 12-29-2013, Bridget E. Smith


When life is getting long
And, the light is not as strong
We wonder how the world
Without US will get along.

Who will remember our glory?
Or, care enough to tell our story?
If we waste away our life
Who will care enough
To Talk of us
When we're gone?

Who knows when that will be. . .
~~ Not me. Not thee.
Bridget E. Smith
Midnight, 12.29.2013

Internet 101: 1995-1996

Take a trip with me... back more than two decades, to the beginning of the Internet...
I was there... and this is what I wrote about it for a local graphics company...
See if my predictions came true...

For sure, it's proof that I was pondering our future, even back then.

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Write Your History.
Tell Your Story.
Sing Your Tune.
Do It Soon.
Because. . .We all know. . .
It won't be long
Until we are All History.

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