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Alma Haus Press is about seeking knowledge and then pondering upon what has been learned. When we feel passionate about a subject we will research it more, or just let our passion out on the page. We do present others' work here, with permission.

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1984... it's a knockin' at our door...

I'm a be-ing like Orwell's Winston Smith,

A writing. . . then, re-writing that history.

Nevermind that it is a deadly game...

Truth saying... If it's that way today,

It should be that way tomorrow...

But the news don't read the same,

World be changin, Media all say,

While making more sorrow,

Our "Leaders" are Full of It

While giving it another name.

It's a Shame.

Bridget E. Smith
8 November 2017

Publications or Ponderings

Write Your History.
Tell Your Story.
Sing Your Tune.
Do It Soon.
Because. . .We all know. . .
It won't be long
Until we are All History.

One of our missions is to encourage and inspire others to find their passion and write it up. Do you have a poem or an article you want to put on the Net? Is it too big for Facebook or Twitter? No other place to put it? Send it to us with your permission to publish here. If you want your spelling checked or your grammar monitored, you'll have to say, otherwise, we'll think it's a new dialect and print it that way. If we like it, we'll give it a page with a specific URL and post the title on our Ponderings page. No offer is made for pay.

When injustice begins to rule, it's time to pick up the pen to work for Justice for All.
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