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Welcome to our collection of prosey poems, ponderings and pontifications. It must be obvious from that and this site that I love alliteration. In this instance it's the use of all the "P's" in my paragraphs.

It also may become obvious that I write my words in a program that doesn't have a spell checker, so please forgive my typos, my mis-spellings. I'm from the old school where you didn't have a wonderful helper like a spell checker. We had dictionaries, available only in book form. Heavy to carry around, but when one is dedicated to spelling words correctly, a person used up some time and brain energy to memorize word spellings. It's actually a good thing.

In my junior college days I had a journalism professor, Dr. Ratcliff, who gave his beginning journalism students (as in me!) spelling tests each Friday and handed out a sheet of paper with the words for next Friday. That will sharpen your brain. Test scores figured into your final grade. Skip any other day, but not Friday. A "no show" would get you an F.

Exercise your brain. Learn to spell. Really expand your horizons, learn a language other than your birth one.

Education is our mission.

Journalism is our method.

History is our specialty.

Truth sets us all free.

Prosperity. It's our birth right.

To get there, let's take the Alturistic train, not the Austerity one.

If we do, the world will be a better place.

I rest my case.

One of our missions is to encourage and inspire others to find their passion and write it up. Do you have a poem or an article you want to put on the Net? Is it too big for Facebook or Twitter? No other place to put it? Send it to us with your permission to publish here. If you want your spelling checked or your grammar monitored, you'll have to say, otherwise, we'll think it's a new dialect and print it that way. If we like it, we'll give it a page with a specific URL and post the title on our Ponderings page. No offer is made for pay.

At the Press, I am Channeling Winston Smith* mostly because I can. I can change my text to suit my day. It's the Internet's Way. Ever changing, ever evolving. Let's take the journey. Together. The Internet has given me a Press, a changeable one, and I am using it.

*Winston Smith referred to is the main character in George Orwell's "1984" book about the future. Smith's job: Changing the news to reflect the current day. Re-writing history, actually re-writing the current events. For Orwell, and for US, the future is now. If you haven't read the book I suggest you take it up. You'll find a lot to ponder and some new words to learn and some old words you'll find out where they originated.

Our editor describes our press thusly:
"Small publishing house with educational mission. Altruistic endeavor seeking a better future on our only planet. Historical Gazette published for 10 years, still available on the web originated from the same person. Google it! Also, there's the Atomic Veterans History Project ( and other content archives that are being reorganized while new web projects are continued at snail's pace. Not a brick and mortar store. Head office."

Our "press" exists only on the Internet, and in our editor's brain. We've come to think of it as our "vanity press" ... a term once popular to describe a press that was paid to publish your work... you purchased X number of books pre-publishing... and well, you just paid the printer to publish your work. Thus, this site is my own personal "Vanity Press". Much of our history archives exists because of prior research to publish the works mentioned above, mostly our Historical Gazette. Archives include some of my stories written as an Army journalist. Other writings include hand-written journals with my "Ditties" that sometimes rhyme, but nearly always have a rhythmn. When I was younger I fancied that I could be a song writer*, if not actually a singer-performer myself.
*Recently discovered that this page was HACKED! Someone put a hyperlink to their page from my word "writer" and it went to a College level writing service... offering to write your paper for you!!! Shocked I was as I'd never promote such a thing... now... I kinda doubt I learn who dun it, but... I've changed my page BACK!

As everything was once done with paper, it has been a hard road to digitalize when there is only one person, and one scanner, at work. The other worker here claims to be retired and drags our editor away from the office many days a week for fun, especially when there's sun. So, the other person who was doing work on these projects has announced his retirement. It's therapy and alturism that keeps our editor going. It's the love of the English language and the vocabulary that she savors. It's the rants that she longs to share and the stories that she may dare, some day to post here. It's the passion for living that drives her opinions. Oh, Opinions... well, she always has an opinion. Just ask her any question. You'll find out.

Speaking of our editor... Part of the reason that work has slowed here: She is distracted because she is currently entertained with Google's Maps as a Google Guide doing reviews and submitting photos. (Screech!!! Suspension on this one. VERY few posts during the Pandemic.) You may can see that Amazon has her captivated once in a while with giving her opinion of the products she's purchased. If you've a mind to, check out the Alma Haus Press on Facebook, you may find some interesting current events postings.

A few of her opinions can be found when you log into Facebook. UPDATE: I just made a New Twitter account. 23Aug2020. #HistoryBelleSmith or Facebook @AlmaHausPress Posting sporatically. I'm learning how to use it. Learning curves are hard. I doubt that I'll ever do Instagram and that other thing: SnapChat. Nope, not TikTok either. Blame my distractions on Google's Droid and my need to feed on gluten free. Now we're all eating our own cooking, how's that working for you? It means I cook at home, most of the time. And, it takes a lot of time each day. My spouse agrees with me. I'm a pretty good cook. As soon as I can, I'll speed up the pace adding more stories to the Press. ~~ 25 August 2020

In the meantime, let's Celebrate 100 years of the 19th Amendment which added women to the Constitution as having the right to vote. The fight was organized more than 70 years before and the fight soon consumed the whole nation. Black women continued to struggle to vote up and through much of the 1960's. Achieving the right to vote was only the beginning as the struggle continues today. Like voting without an address... try that out. I've heard it's another difficulty of being homeless. Or, many states don't let you vote if you're a convicted felon... ever... other states, if you've served your time, you're again able to vote if you have a mailing address. See what I mean about that poverty to prison loop. History doesn't show a time of easy living for most impoverished people. So, if you're dreaming of a life on your lotto winnings and voting like you've won, you need to rethink your horizons and vote in your own best interests. What are your current needs? Bet Health Care is one of them.

My mission is my passion. I need to feel that I am seeking a better world for every one. I don't know why I have this drive to speak out about the injustices I see in the world and the solutions I have for them. If I could only write them up fast enough and get these ideas into the hands of those who actually can do something about it... I do that sometimes, but well, many other times I'm cooking or in the shower. How about you?

Find me out there in the social media world somewhere if you want to converse. On Twitter... soon as I get the app warmed up... #HistoryBelleSmith @AlmaHausPress or HistoryBelle on Facebook, not there as much since I feel that I've been put off on an island. I go there to find my family and a few friends and see what they are doing. I think they don't want to comment on most of my semi-radical ideas. Opps... changed that recently as I just couldn't stand what's been going on around my country.. began to take up the "pen" and defend my position as I believe that I know what I'm talking about because of various books, people and classes... at least I've not been idle when it comes to trying to analyze the world...

Good Journalists. . .

. . .are dedicated to telling the truth.

. . .ask questions, then listens for the answers.

. . .draw conclusions from the information, instead of seeking information to support preconceived conclusions.

. . .look for the balanced picture.

. . .report what's correct to the best of their knowledge.

. . .quote opinions from attributable and reputable sources. Spell names correctly. Ask for bona fides.

. . .make their opinions known as opinions, or leave them out.

. . .should not cause the news, but instead report the news.

We hope to provide tips and thoughts on how to get your words out onto "paper" ... or onto the new "press" in our world, the Internet! Get 'em... You're already connected... Use that "in your" Facebook like you do already, only add a bit of your own passion... Tell others what you think is right about the world... or wrong... do what makes you feel good... try not to make others feel too bad... be mindful of the power of your words. Be truthful, don't be rude... or crude... The use of profanity means you don't have a good vocabulary, so study up! You don't need a college to get an education today. You've got the "Bard" himself, predicted Asimov in his science fiction short stories of the 1960's. We call it the Internet. Use it and protect it from harm... Contact your Congressional reps often and demand your Internet be free and unencumbered by corporations who think they can buy everything. See what I mean about that passion? It creeps out of the finger tips when find your voice. Go for it!

Write Your History.
Tell Your Story.
Sing Your Tune.
Do It Soon.
Because. . .
We all know. . .
It won't be long
Until we are All History.

When injustice begins to rule, it's time to pick up the pen to work for Justice for All.

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