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Making History: Election 2020

One of my favorite quotes: "It ain't over 'til it's over," Yogi Berra. When Yogi said this I was just out of high school and considering enlisting into the air force. I didn't have a lot of prospects and my parents weren't financially positioned to provide me with alternate universes. A job that paid equal to men. And, the promise of a college education. I had secret dreams of space. I figured that a person's life is such that it's exactly what Yogi said. When his National League ball team wasn't positioned to win, but they did! He never gave up on this team and won in the end. Yogi, thanks for the inspiration!

Several important things about life and baseball. First, don't argue with the umpire. Second, don't call it before it's over. Third, always believe you can make a home run. But, when the ninth ending is done and you don't have enough runs, it's over.

So, it's been called. We have a new president, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. The United States of America has a line of historical characters whose names will forever be in the history books. It's become obvious that if President Trump wants to preserve his image in history, he'll go quietly, and as gracefully as possible, from the White House leaving all the artifacts where they were, as they were. The White House is not for sale, sir, and it's the People who decide who can live there and for how long. It's Time to move along. Your four years are up. Please do take your family with you.

10 November 2020
Eve of Veterans Day
Bridget E. Smith, USAF veteran

Then, came January 6, 2021. The day marked for Congress to endorse the Electoral College votes. A tradition that has been held throughout our history without disruption. But, this day there would be disruption. Not JUST disruption, but INSURRECTION! A calling of People to march on the Congressional Halls had happened. From the previous president's "Rally" down the street, Insurrectionists marched on our Capitol, carrying out a planned action, an attack. This is Wrong. It's just all Wrong. Might does NOT make Right. Right makes Might. That was President Abraham Lincoln's call. Right makes Might. This event was not Right. It was Wrong. I'll write more on all this on another page, at another time.

In the Meantime, on Twitter lately I've been writing... @AlmaHausPress But, in the Moment... At The Time... I was too stunned. It took me a couple of days to post anything. I really couldn't get unglued from the TV watching it all. I have been unable to return to my/this site and post anything since that ugly day when officers died protecting the Capitol building. The female veteran who had been duped into thinking that this was her duty, found it was her death destiny. She thought, evidently, that this was the right thing to do. She gave up her life for it. I grieve for her family, especially if they were on opposition stands. So. How does anyone get okay with all that? Where, how, and why would she ever believe that???

As a military veteran myself, I cannot ever think of marching on, or destroying our Capitol in any way. What were they thinking? Especially those who had sworn an oath to the Constutituion when they joined the service. The hero worship they gave President Trump, Senator Cruz and others make me sick to my stomach. I can't believe that any veteran, or any officer of the court could ever, ever forsake their oath to the Constitution and give their allegiance to one man, one weak human. No man deserves the worship that they gave Trump. It was god worship. It was anti-Christian. It was against the First Commandment in the Bible that most of them swear they follow. "Let there be no gods afore me." ... Just that. Do not Worship any other god besides him. So, Still in the game? What about that golden idol at the CPAC conference? If that's not an idol to worship, nothing is.

I hear laughter in the backroom. You've been duped. Do you have the courage to face that ~ yet? Will you ever? Going to the grave with the shame? Or, going to reclaim your spirit, your pride in self? You can do it, if you set your mind to it. First, you must admit to yourself that you're wrong. Then, Know that the Love from your fellow human... awaits. If you believe in Jesus, you should try. If you don't believe in him, how about yourself? Millions are good without God. The whole world knows. The Golden Rule is non religious and non-partisan. It's the basis of all religions. I live by it. Always have. When I have erred, it was because I had been mistreated. So. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. It isn't a good idea. It's not weakness to admit making a mistake. A Judgement Mistake is made by all of US at one time or another. Be Strong.

19 March 2021
Friday After Irish Day
Bridget E. Smith, editor

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