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An object has no history unless it is marred.

It is perhaps only our mistakes that teach us lessons.

We are our imperfections.

You can't continue to hate yourself for things that you did unintentionally.

Afore knowledge of consequences of a deed is premeditation.

If one is innocent of the disease and passes the disease, is it then the same?
Wasn't Typhoid Mary innocent of knowledge of her disease?

Is that person to be treated the same as the person who, with afore knowledge, decides to give a disease to someone or several someones?

This is probably the difference between murder and manslaughter. Premeditation.
Still guilty, but not a devil.

What if that person has been driven crazy?
What if that person is so affected by what life has given them,
Devasted by their poor choices at crossroads.
Beset by regret.
Embolded by the power of the brain.
One moment, self-assured and powerful.
The next, fearful and anxious.

What can be done to save this person's life? Their soul?
What is the middle ground between these two points?

My Prayer of Hope
Teach me how to be confident without conceit,
To be assertive without being a nag,
To charge on, but not at a dead run,
To reach out and love, but not to smother,
To rise to the challenges and be victorious,
To learn to live with my deeds and their consequences,
To look forward and accept my memories, good and bad.

Life is one trial after another.
It jerks and quirks in "fits and starts."
If no one makes a record of the happenings;
The event, the memory, fades from history.

Now, we. as a society, are recording more history than ever.
Video cameras, Email, Websites, The Internet, Google & Beyond.
The Computer Algorithms stir the pot and then...
Gobble's All.

Bridget E. Smith, editor, 6 June 2002 / updates 1.6.2022 pondering history.

Memo: January 6th is Epiphany Day. Celebrated the Gifts of the Magi. You could see it as a way to continue the gift giving season of Christmas.

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