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Endless War!

It's what's coming through the door
Our "leaders" gonna Export our Poor to War ~

It looks like the citizens are gonna object
So, hike up the price and send them the check.

If that don't beat it all,
They'll put US against the wall;

Calling it Free Trade while robbing the poor
Killing US quietly,

Exporting our Young to War. . .

Bridget E. Smith
3 January 2013

The government of the U.S. currently continues the longest running war our nation has ever waged, unless you're keen enough to see that the Cold War also continues and IT is the longest war, as it has been continuing in the background while we continue to push onto the battlefront, where ever it may be now.

As long as we have unemployment and under-employment among our youth, we will have fodder for the wars that are started for U.S.

The end of war, and its violence, doesn't seem to be in sight. Ain't it obvious: It's time to stop the madness.

President Obama had eight years to stop this war. He did not, but he had promised during his campaigning.

Prematurely, he was presented with a Nobel Peace Prize. Why was that? It isn't obvious to me what he did for peace.

Why does everyone continue to talk about him like he was a saintly president? He was not.

His health care plan was watered down because it still allowed the insurance companies to make outrageous profits off poor people. While it helped many, it left many standing outside the hospital with huge bills to bankrupt them. That is, IF they got help at all.

Many historians and biographers are trying to cover President Obama's tracks. Admittedly, he was better than what we'd had, and way better than what we have now. Sadly, what Obama did is still being covered up and likely some of it will not see the light of day given what we are uncovering now. Many of his sins pale by comparison.

But really... Why did he bail out the banks? Why did he authorize the drone killings, without trial, of people in Pakistan? Other questions beg answers, and these answers are on the Internet. Look for them, if you're curious, and able to keep your mind open. See that he authorized the pipeline to go through the country, even while he claimed he was against it. It's on Internet. Check Wikipedia. It's there. The HQ of some oil company in Cushing, Oklahoma can thank him for the business. Check it out when you have time. Scroll down the page and look for his name.

Right now, almost everyone knows that we're having a farce.

Best Solution? Change Presidents at Election 2020. To do that we'll need a new political Party. The "Parties" we have now are not addressing the needs of The People, especially the needs of the less fortunate.

To me, it is obvious, that the only real representative of The People is U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Let's use the Democratic Socialism party as a new rally cry for Freedom and Justice. The U.S. is ready for a new platform, a new day, a new way of taking care of The People and Our Planet.

Capitalism and Democracy don't necessarily go together. Socialism works better for a society of People. Capitalism works better for profit driven corporations. I know what way I want to go, don't you? Bridget E. Smith, 4.19.2019; revised 2.15.2020

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