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Poverty to Prison, an Obvious Pipeline

For the Children's sake....

We hear it all the time... on the news, in our conversations, lots of times we hear it... especially at Christmas time.... It's always, "for the children's sake" . . .

BUT What IF. . .

You're born into poverty... and, You don't get help as a child, especially here in the USA...

What then?

What we have are "Throw-away adults..." No pity or sympathy remains for them. We have become "Incarceration Nation" by ending our help somewhere between childhood and adulthood.

Where are the cracks that these people fall into? Why did we allow Pres. Bill Clinton to end food stamp help for people on the basis of a "5 year lifetime" limit?

Why do we allow necessary things, like water and electricity, to be traded on the stock exchange like it's okay to gamble with our lives? Why aren't these essentials part of the great bounty that this country claims it has for its People.

Why can't we all Prosper? Take the federal budget and divide it by the number of People and send a check. It could work. Minimum standard of living, modern health care for all and education that doesn't bankrupt People. Now, that's the way it should be.

If we stop paying so much for the "defense" side of our government then we can "insure domestic tranquility" instead of "hiring one half of the People to kill the other half."

What is wrong with our society that we lose our sympathy and our love for our neighbors because they have fallen on hard times? Or, worse yet, hard times is ALL THEY'VE EVER KNOWN...

So, now, do we really want to hold them to the same standards as those people who have NEVER KNOWN a hungry day in their life. MANY People have never known a day without worry, for some every day is hunger. Hunger does strange things to People.

Where is this ship sailing to in these waters of desperation and little hope? If those who have so much would act like the Christians that they profess to be.... Share with the poor. Isn't that the teachings? Why look with distain upon those whose only sin is to be born into poverty.

Ponder that a moment, or two...

Consider what you can do...

Call your Congress representatives, or better yet so you can see the change, do something wonderful in your own life for that less fortunate friend or relative of yours. Take care and make sure someone knows what you plan.

Here's the deal:
If we don't save our young adults, the next generation of children will feel the brunt of those who have never known a day without worry, perhaps every day was hunger.

Then, why would it be any wonder if they turn out to be desperate People on the wrong end of the law. Many deserve the incarceration, but they don't deserve poor food and gross mistreatment by others. Some times becoming slaves doing work without fair pay.

It's time to have some real justice in the world, and it should start here, with US, at home.

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