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TIME names Greta Thunberg

Person of the Year: 2019

A Call To Action: Earth Needs You!

Earth On Fire


Everyone Who Lives On This Planet!
Calling through the Web, the Internet, the Net!

Whatever you choose to call our connected community, you know and I know, it is the way of the future. It is how we can change the world ~ together. It's awesome that we have the ability to game and entertain with our electronic devices. But, what will any of this fun matter, if we lose our Planet? This small blue planet we call home: Earth.

Knowledge is at our fingertips. We have the ability to research any thing, any subject or any person. The information is now at our command. If you believe our most popular physicist Michio Kaku, then that command may soon go from your fingertips to your eye glasses, or perhaps become a wallpaper in your house. We have Alexa... or Google... To continue in our technology driven direction, we need to work on our power grid, our resources, our climate.

We need to stop making war on each other. It is horrific as well as wasteful of our resources, which are quickly becoming limited and often hoarded by profiteers.

Where we are today, we can find Wikipedia, tomorrow it may be Wikimedia, recording it all, at least as much as we input. For sure, you'll find Google to offer directions and answer your questions. Many Internet places are designed to collect your personal heritage... others, to allow you to communicate with your family, near and far. How will all this continue if we don't improve our infrastructures?

When the government ceases working for People, then the People should stop working for the government. We can start by ending THEIR Entitlements if they dare to remove beneficial entitlements for our society. Mostly, it's their ill-gotten lobby money that moves our nation. The corruption must stop. The inequality must stop. Health Care Must Be for All. Every Citizen should have a Minimum Standard of Living. (MSL) A future for ALL our youth, not just for the one percent. We need Hydrogen cars. We must have Freedom of Movement. All of these things should belong to All US Citizens. Let US All benefit from being the "richest, greatest country" on the Planet.

Our country is surely wealthy enough to do all this when it's not all gathered up into the pockets of a few. Let's stop the current direction and make our nation more compassionate toward ALL. If you claim status as a Christian nation, it must stop acting like the devil's in charge. That means No more war! No excuses. Our country must not be called upon to fight the battles of the corporations. It's not what our country means. It is supposed to mean Compassion for Everyone. It's the way it's been preached to US All from the time we first went to school and raised our right hand. It's really the way it should be. It has the ring of Truth.

Join me, as a Earth Soldier, ready to write what is right and to do what is good for our Planet. Google: Earth Justice: "Because the Earth needs a good lawyer." Find the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Look into Food Democracy Now. It's time to Unite ALL good People and Do What's Right. We'll lose our Planet if we don't. Do something every day toward this goal. I do. Right now, I'm writing you. Other days, I call my Congressional representatives. Other days I write up my passions on Facebook. It makes me feel better to lobby others to be good and work for the best of our Planet. What about you? What makes you feel good?

Listen up to this one... Believe this, because it is so: We need Freedom Above Security. Without Freedom we can not speak our mind. Without Freedom, we can not move about. Do not be fooled by the Media who preach Safety and Security above all else. It's a rouse. They're hoping to keep you looking at other things. Remember: A fearful populace is easy to control. They need to control us to keep their power and wealth.

Let US Stop and Look Around. Presently, Imperfect worlds collide. We need to stop doing our worst and do the best we can to fix our Planet's climate. It can't happen over night, but it will never happen if we don't begin. Let us all, around the globe, work together to put the world back in balance. If we don't start, we'll never win this battle of saving our one planet. Forget going to Mars for the time moment. We may can get there, but if we lose our planet in the time being, what good will that do us? Who, or What, will support our team in space?

Rise to the occasion, type up your own history, speak truth to power and be fearless when you know you are right. Tell only the truth and be kind in your accusations as they may not be totally accurate unless you have done your homework ~ VERY well. Always give credit where credit is due, meaning you didn't write it and you didn't create it. Be true to the Light. Knowledge and Compassion is the Light. Shine it out in front of you. Decide to be good, for goodness sake, not because you're going some place bad when you die. It's a much better reason to have a good life, live it like you mean it.

Join me now in the march toward recording history as it should be: Written by the People, for the People and coming from the People. We are the US People. Tell your story. Make Your Mark On History. Tell the rest of the world that we don't like what has happened to our country. Speak your Mind. Do so respectfully, but do so firmly. We Humans need to Work Together. I can't speak for the whole globe, although I feel we should all recognize we're all the same. We all bleed when cut. We all cry when sad, or laugh when happy. We all get hungry and need clean air and water. Let's make friends, not enemies.

If it's not right, don't write it. Don't be a Winston Smith that re-writes history to suit the current Caesar. Rewrite our present with your actions to suit our future.

One foot in front of the other... Begin the journey.

Onward Earth Soldiers! Take back our Planet!

Pressuring the Powers

May 2019 ~People v. Climate Change The case is now going to trial. Even the New York Times is following this story. It's the biggest news of the decade, perhaps biggest in the last century. We need action now. We need the fossil fuel entities to stop acting entitled to our precious resources. It would be one thing if they didn't affect our water and our air, but they do. It's a bad thing. A very bad thing. Good stewardship of our Earth is not happening, and if you ask me, it's a sin. A big sin. A crime against humanity. So, let's step up, speak up and do something about it because it is happening in your big back yard. (Careful: Nat Geo uses pushy ads with audio.)

April 2019 ~Extinction Rebellion heats up the emotions surrounding impending planetary troubles. No work today, no Planet tomorrow. Activists want to know if they will be the last generation of humans. Earth Soldiers they are, eventhough they may not yet know the word, and pressing for our planet's future is the mission they are dedicated to complete. The Guardian newspaper defines the action group: "Extinction Rebellion is an international protest group that uses non-violent civil disobedience to campaign on environmental issues." There we go! That's the attitude. Stand for what you believe. Never before has there been an issue so important. As one sign said: "We have no Planet B" and that says it in an easy to understand way.

March 2019 ~The Guardian carries a story on Earth Soldier, Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old who inspired this year's Global Climate Strike. Students around the world walked out of class and into the history books. Many had the support of their parents, their teachers and their schools, but others faced threats that their absences would be unexcused. Obviously, when thinking of the idea of losing our only planet, an unexcused absence seemed small by comparison. With all this activity by our young people of today, so well-coordinated by using the social networks they understand so well, it is obvious that the future will be played out in a public forum. Have your cameras ready.

Celebrate Earth Day 4.22..

Greenpeace Banner: Earth, Too Big To Fail.

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