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Chant: Reflections on Universal Well-Being

May I abide in well-being, in freedom from affliction, in freedom from hostility, in freedom from ill-will, in freedom from anxiety, and may I maintain well-being in myself.

May everyone abide in well-being, in freedom from hostility, in freedom from ill-will, in freedom from anxiety, and may they maintain well-being.

May ALL Beings be released from all suffering.

And may they not be parted from the Good Fortune they have legally and honestly attained in this life.

When A Being acts with intention, they are the owners of their actions and inherit the results. Our future is born from our actions. Our action becomes us, and the results will be what we live.

We shall reap what we sow.

Chant was retyped from a random scrap of paper I found in my office. It's type was barely readable and no source was on it. I took extra liberty and re-wrote the last 2 paragraphs to suit me. Another thought... Please... I won't criticize you for being Christian, if you don't blast me if I'm Buddist.** Fair deal. It's the American way. What do you say? Let's play Ball! My favorite is Baseball!
Bridget E Smith
5 January 2016 / ed. 12 November 2022
Portland, Oregon

**Please notice the "if" word... I have not proclaimed I am a Buddist. I have said "if" ... I am wanting to point out that in our country, we have a right to be whatever we want. That means our religious choice as well as our political choice. Actually I don't adhere to any one particular religion and instead, pick and choose what suits my soul and keep to the ideals of love and compassion. I do believe that people have duties of citizenship and you can read about it here. With Rights Come Duties

What we don't have a whole lot of choice about is our economic background. If you're born weathy, you have a big chance of success in whatever you choose to do. If you are born into poverty, you don't have huge choices without outside help. The military is one route out. It's the route I took... for the GI Bill. Going to College was once a route upward, but today the huge debt incurred won't let most people up that ladder burdened with all that baggage. It's a gamble to see if you can succeed well enough to pay them back AND pay to live.

Right now, it looks like our country is having a problem with that old description "home of the free and the brave." Most of us are not "free" or "brave" ... with all the talk of safety, the news media has many folk cowering in their closets.

A fearful populace is much easier to control. Remember that. Mark my words.

Put your eyes to the ground and you won't see what's around you. Keep your eyes glued to your phone and you won't see the bus that hits you, or see the person who sneaks on you and knocks you out. Keep your awareness up and your mind sharp. Eat what's good for you, before something else is eating you. Those are a few of my rules for living.
Bridget E Smith
19 April 2019
Portland, Oregon

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